Wednesday, 26 September 2018


Autumn comes with a nip in the air
A sign it will get louder itself to declare
Frosting our gardens with its icy fingers
This whitening will last longer as it stays and lingers
Days get shorter and nights get longer
The sun has lost his edge and no longer stronger

Fruit on trees must be picked and stored
Otherwise Jack Frost will rot the hoard
Leaves on trees turning red, russet and yellow
All as they all turn to rest and mellow

Spider’s webs sparkle in the early morning sun
Like diamonds they glisten, shine and run
Flowers shrivel and slowly fade
Autumn has arrived to ultimately raid

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Child Abuse and its after effects

Your abusers give you the feeling of worthlessness
Your confidence becomes less and less
Until you start to believe you deserve it
You sink into that bottomless pit

Every part of your life becomes black
Is there a way out or can you really track back
A return to innocence is lost
But at what ultimate cost

You live your life on the edge
Between you and a happy life; forever a wedge
What did you do to deserve this shame?
Stop!!!  you are not really to blame

Someone else took your life and gave you pain
That’s why you feel your life has gone down the drain
Getting close to people leads to pain
So alone now I journey on my slow train

A Rose

The bud shows it’s a peek of bright scarlet red
It knows for its beauty it has been bred
Promise of soft petals to open beyond compare
Its needs sun and rain for more to bare

Opening slowly it unfurls its glorious scarlet dress
None can deny it will in evidently impress
Soft petals open and curl back like silk and satin
It holds the crown of horticulture within

It will eventually fade its bright satin dress
But never to look an untidy mess
Even with age beauty cannot be stopped ; it will still last
Standing tall and true till each petal ultimately falls past

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Choice ????

We are born into this world of trouble and strife with no choice
Sometimes child hood trauma leaves us with no voice
  Children torn apart by war and political argument
Religion held up as a reason to kill and anger vent
To travel on rafts and die in the sea
No choice as children this could have been me or thee

Where is the mercy in a world of turmoil and death?
Capitalism has paid its last dime
Leaving a world of no reason or rhyme
Have and have nots shows up like that sore thumb
How can we be on this earth so long not to have learnt?
This planet is not ours to have burnt

Wild life tries to cling on with paws and bleeding claws
While political leaders are inevitably the cause
Man and equal women could sort it out once and for all
Women have a voice that needs to come forward to shout and call
Peace is only a word but action speaks for change
This world needs to calm and rearrange

Thursday, 15 February 2018

What Sue Lambert Trust has done for me?

I have been on the longest life journey
Trauma had shut me in since the age of three
Silence reigned supreme; words not known
A child who wore a permanent frown

I felt fifty at five with an overcoat of shame
Someone who knew better was to blame
Writing has broken the spell and silence is at an end
Thoughts and emotions in my mind to bend

Finally my life and mind becomes balanced and true
So many sad tears and years long overdue
A life stolen and filled with dread

Now to seek happiness before I am dead

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

The Inner Child

My inner child was trapped suspended in trauma and shock
But no one ever knew or cared enough to unlock
It has been in my later years
I finally let out the full sadness and tears

Abusive childhoods do real life changing harm
People live their lives in turmoil and alarm
Afraid to get close to anyone or really trust
Left to find out about an inner trauma was a must

My brain was damaged half alive
But to get it all back I continued to strive
At sixty it awoke from sleep

Emotions buried so hidden and deep