Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Choice ????

We are born into this world of trouble and strife with no choice
Sometimes child hood trauma leaves us with no voice
  Children torn apart by war and political argument
Religion held up as a reason to kill and anger vent
To travel on rafts and die in the sea
No choice as children this could have been me or thee

Where is the mercy in a world of turmoil and death?
Capitalism has paid its last dime
Leaving a world of no reason or rhyme
Have and have nots shows up like that sore thumb
How can we be on this earth so long not to have learnt?
This planet is not ours to have burnt

Wild life tries to cling on with paws and bleeding claws
While political leaders are inevitably the cause
Man and equal women could sort it out once and for all
Women have a voice that needs to come forward to shout and call
Peace is only a word but action speaks for change
This world needs to calm and rearrange