Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Child Abuse and its after effects

Your abusers give you the feeling of worthlessness
Your confidence becomes less and less
Until you start to believe you deserve it
You sink into that bottomless pit

Every part of your life becomes black
Is there a way out or can you really track back
A return to innocence is lost
But at what ultimate cost

You live your life on the edge
Between you and a happy life; forever a wedge
What did you do to deserve this shame?
Stop!!!  you are not really to blame

Someone else took your life and gave you pain
That’s why you feel your life has gone down the drain
Getting close to people leads to pain
So alone now I journey on my slow train

A Rose

The bud shows it’s a peek of bright scarlet red
It knows for its beauty it has been bred
Promise of soft petals to open beyond compare
Its needs sun and rain for more to bare

Opening slowly it unfurls its glorious scarlet dress
None can deny it will in evidently impress
Soft petals open and curl back like silk and satin
It holds the crown of horticulture within

It will eventually fade its bright satin dress
But never to look an untidy mess
Even with age beauty cannot be stopped ; it will still last
Standing tall and true till each petal ultimately falls past