Web resources

This is a short video for anyone who is personally supporting an adult survivor of childhood trauma and abuse. The video acknowledges the stresses and challenges of ‘being there’ for the survivor you care about and provides information and insight into the way trauma can affect people. This includes a basic understanding of the brain, biological responses and coping strategy. 

The childhood trauma Lauren Book suffered robbed her of her childhood, but forced her to learn how to find her voice and rebuild her life with purpose…through her TED Talk, she challenges viewers to do what she’s been challenged to do through her journey from victim of physical, sexual and emotional abuse to struggling survivor and now thriver and internationally recognized advocate for change.

Headspace is meditation made simple.

Give the free trial a go. 
It's proving rather popular in our office.

A short and effective alignment exercise 
produced by one of our counsellors, Jackie.

A really lovely blog packed full of lots to
energise and inspire.