Tuesday, 26 September 2017

A Small Boat

I have a parasite inside me
A poison in my veins
I'm being eaten alive from deep inside
And I'm shackled by heavy chains

I have a sickness taking over
Sometimes it's touch and go
My life support is struggling
Recovery is looking slow

The stench in my own air is foul
It's creeping through my skin
I'm awake inside a nightmare
Where do I begin

I have a darkness in my existance
One that cannot be removed
There are muddied thoughts within
A bleak and intrusive view

Then there below the surface
Hidden beneath the chaotic din
The tiniest flicker of flame
A brightness from within

I've discovered the greatest treasure
On my travels within me
When i trip and fall into the darkness
That black and grimey sea

I have found that I can swim
That I can keep myself afloat
Admittedly no mighty ship
Just a modest little rowing boat

And so I shall set sail through this turmoil
Battle storms and monstrous waves of dread
Knowing that as long as I keep rowing
There are gentler waters ahead

Not everyday can promise smooth sailing
The sea is not always calm and still
My little boat will be rocked and overturned
I will struggle some days, I will

So when those days come
When the sea is just too strong
I can throw down my anchor and rest a while
To gather some strength and carry on

By Leanne

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Anonymous said...

That is so beautiful. Your thoughts come through so well. We know you can do it and are doing it. Love you.